15 Eye Catching Sports Industry Infographics

One of the most interesting things about the sports industry is all of the stats and information. The feats accomplished by athletes are often interesting and amazing. On top of that, there is a great deal else that goes into the sports industry.

Whether you are a student of sports, a professional in the sports industry, or a fan, there are plenty of interesting stats and figures. And, thanks to graphic technology, it is possible to see these numbers represented in an interesting manner. Infographics about sports can provide you with a refreshing take on sports figures. Here are 15 interesting sports industry infographics:

  1. NCAA Basketball March Madness: Learn a number of interesting facts about March Madness. The possibility of picking a perfect bracket? One in nine quintillion. That’s a huge number. On top of that productivity during the NCAA tournament drops hugely — and costs the economy billions of dollars in productivity. If you are interested in some cool facts about the tournament, you can check out this infographic. (Just don’t do it at work!)
  2. March Madness: Another great infographic about March Madness. This one is exclusively about lost productivity. Sure, companies might be losing $1.8 billion to March Madness, but it’s a media blitz for the stations that carry the games, and advertisers stand to make money, too. This infographic breaks down the numbers behind the dollars lost, including the 58 million fans who spend 13.5 minutes of March Madness related activity at work — instead of actually working. More great facts as well.
  3. 2011 Opening Day: If you are a baseball fan, this is a great infographic. Offers a cool look at some of the essential information about the baseball industry as the seasons starts in 2011. Includes a list of rookie managers, compares fast starts (April wins), and includes some cool historic facts about baseball. This cool infographic includes the beginning of the tradition — started in 1910 by William Howard Taft — of having the President of the United States throw out the ceremonial first pitch.
  4. Analysis of the top 50 earners in World football: And by football, this infographic means soccer. This infographic looks at the differences in pay according to club, and according to player. You can also see how some countries’ GDPs compare with some of their top earners. It’s definitely eye-opening. And, for Americans, might be surprising to see what some soccer players can earn.

  5. Walking Wounded: This infographic examines the number of injuries per 1,000 of hours of training. It’s a rather eye catching infographic that can show you how often you are likely to be injured as you train. Of course, as you can imagine, professional athletes are more prone to injury, since they train so much more. It’s an interesting peek into the sports industry, providing a look at how much athletes take on just to train.

  6. Race in Sports: An interesting look at race in the sports industry. This great infogrpahic breaks it down by four of the major sports leagues: Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, National Football League and Major League Soccer. As you might guess, this is for the U.S. It’s an interesting look at the racial divide in sports, looking at White, Black, Asian and Hispanic. (And “Other”, of course). You can see the breakdown, and the totals. It’s a fascinating look at race in the professional sports industry.
  7. Super Bowl XLV Franchise Histories: Take a look at the essential stats behind the teams in Super Bowl XLV. The game between the Steelers and the Packers garnered plenty of attention. This infographic looks at the long and storied histories of these legendary teams. These are among the winningest teams in football history, and you can get the story in lovely graphic form. A great resource, and an interesting read.

  8. Energy in Sports: Professionals in the sports industry expend a great deal of energy. In fact, you might be surprised at how much money they are using up. It takes a lot of energy to do well at sports. This infographic illustrates how much energy it takes to kick a soccer ball, lift weights, swing a golf club, pitch a baseball, and more. An interesting look at the sports industry — and how much energy athletes make use of in their own bodies.
  9. Bobblehead Giveaways 2010: In 2010, baseball stadiums around the country gave away plenty of bobbleheads. This is a great marketing tool used throughout the baseball industry to help get people to come to the stadium. This neat infographic takes you through all the bobbleheads given away in 2010. It breaks down type of bobblehead, as well as the teams that gave them away, and the type of game. Is it a picture of what to expect in 2011? Who knows. Fads come and go in any industry. But it’s a fascinating infographic — plenty of fun to contemplate.
  10. Olympic drug testing program: In 2008, the folks in charge of the Olympics upped their drug testing program. You can see the big difference. By the time the 2012 Olympics come along, how many more doping tests will there be? It’s an interesting thought. You can look through this infographic to get an idea of how serious Olympic organizers are about doping and drugs. No one likes to the see the sports industry tainted by drug use.
  11. NBA Social Media Check-Ins: This cool infographic is designed to show which basketball teams see the most social media check-ins. It is clear that social media is becoming part of the sports industry. This infographic shows that it is possible for teams to think of ways to capitalize on social check-ins. There were nearly 200,000 check-ins from the beginning of the 2010-2011 season until the All-Star break. It is clear that social media is playing an increasing role in sports.
  12. A Fair Comparison of NHL Forwards: A look at compensation in the National Hockey League. Another great infographic that provides insight into what athletes make in the sports industry. This infographic also switches up to look at dominant seasons, MVPs, and fair scoring. A great way to look at what is happening in the NHL, and get an idea of what’s next.

  13. Crime in Sports: This infographic compares arrests among players in the NFL, NBA and MLB. It’s a fascinating look at crime in sports. It can be tempting to think that you are above the law when you are so famous. However, as we have seen, this isn’t true. The infographic breaks it down by the type of crime, and by the sport. You can see which teams also produce the players that are most likely to be arrested, and see the fines paid.
  14. Economic and Sales Productivity During the World Cup: You thought March Madness caused a drop in productivity? That’s nothing on the World Cup. A truly world sport, soccer dwarfs U.S. sports. In Britain alone, the month-long event cost the economy more than $7 billion. This fascinating infographic from the company InsideView looks at the industry behind the most popular sport in the world — and the impact on productivity.

  15. A Complete Primer on Fantasy Football: The sports industry isn’t just relying on “real” sports. There is an entire secondary industry revolving around fantasy sports. Fantasy football is hugely popular, and provides the industry with yet another way to earn ad revenue and encourage other buying behaviors. Enjoy this infographic on fantasy football.
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