20 Educational Open Courseware Classes About Sports Administration

Sports administration has been around for years, but it is only in recent years that there have been educational programs to support a degree in the field. Today, however, there are several degree programs those who are interested in sports management can choose from. If you think you might be interested in a career in sports administration, check out these classes that can give you valuable skills you will lose in a sports management career. Some of these courses come from some of the foremost universities in the country like MIT and Berkeley, but all are free.

  1. Sports Media and Culture: This course from Learning Space looks at the media coverage of sports. Learn how media coverage has impacted some of the greatest moments in sports and how media coverage in general can affect sports performance.
  2. Confronting Injuries: This class in sports medicine from Johns Hopkins explores injury control and prevention for athletes.
  3. Stress Management: This course from Weber State University explores stress management as it relates to human performance. It focuses on causes of stress, recognizing personal stressors and life changing management for stress control.
  4. Competitive Decision Making and Negotiation: This course is centered on twelve negotiation exercises that simulate competitive business situations. Students learn about distributive and mixed motive bargaining, among other techniques.
  5. Communication for Managers: Teaches writing and speaking skills necessary for a management position.
  6. Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching Seminar: This seminar gives students opportunities to hone business communication skills through activities.
  7. Advanced Managerial Communication: Advanced course in managerial communications.
  8. Speaking and Critical Listening Skills: This course from MIT teaches you important listening skills as well as speaking skills.
  9. Managerial Psychology: Learn to use theories of psychology in your job as a manager. You’ll learn to motivate appropriately and deal with problems in an effective manner.
  10. Sports Fitness Advisor: This course endeavors to help you get in shape so that you can be a good role model for a career in sports.
  11. Basketball Coaching: Learn coaching skills that can help you in your sports management career.
  12. Management Communications for Undergraduates: This class gives undergraduate level students an introduction to communicating effectively as a manager.
  13. Applied Economics for Managers: This graduate level course teaches students to understand how economists model the choice process of individual consumers and firms, and how markets work to coordinate these choices.
  14. Practical Leadership: Watch students hone their leadership skills by performing practice business scenarios. This is a graduate level course.
  15. The Chemistry of Sports: This course from MIT focuses on swimming, cycling and running, and introduces students to the chemistry of their biological systems.
  16. Introduction to Cardiovascular Fitness: A healthy cardiovascular system is critical in all sports. This course from Wikiversity explores getting fit for a strong heart.
  17. Building and Leading Effective Teams: This course is a must for hiring managers. It is an intensive one week course on building a great team and leading it.
  18. Communicating with Data: This graduate course teaches techniques of using data to make informed management decisions with illustrations of how real decision makers, even highly trained professionals, fall prey to errors and biases in their understanding.
  19. Law for the Entrepreneur and Manager: A great basic business law class for managers and small business owners. Learn what you need to know to keep your sports management business out of legal trouble. Contract law is especially important in sports administration.
  20. People and Organizations: This course outlines today’s major challenges facing the management profession and uses interactive exercises, simulations and problems to develop critical skills in negotiations, teamwork and leadership.

So, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity offered to you by these great free online courses. Whether you want to get a jump start on your sports management education or you already have your degree and just need to sharpen some skills, these classes can be of great benefit.

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