25 Great Sites to Learn About Professional Sports Scouting

If looking for a career in sports administration, the field can be pretty competitive. Although those with a degree in sports administration can stand out, one of the best ways to get and maintain a career is to stay informed. With coverage of all things sports happening at up-to-the second speed, it can be difficult to visit all of the thousands of sports sites out there.

To help you narrow your search, we have collected 25 great sites to learn about professional sports scouting below. They are authored by scouting firms, sports agents, and many other experts in the field. Best of all, they can give you the latest information, as well as insider tips, and a diverse range of perspectives.

Great Overall Sites to Learn About Professional Sports Scouting

  1. Scout
    This site is part of Fox Sports on MSN. They have scouting information for everything from the major leagues to high schools. They even have a panel of expert sports scouts who regularly write blogs and columns on everything including football and basketball recruiting.
  2. Sports Management Worldwide
    They specialize in providing sports business education. In addition to courses, they also have loads of headlines on the topic of sports scouting. You can even get audio chats with sports scouting mentors.
  3. Sports Careers
    About.com brings you experts in many areas of practice, including sports scouting. In this section, they have everything you could ever want to know about the business and administrative side of sports. Must reads include “Sports Careers More Than Fun and Games” and “Landing Sports Career Job After College.”
  4. NCSA
    They specialize in the athletic side of recruiting. Check out their network which matches athletes, coaches, and leaders all on the web, with hundreds of thousands of connections each year. They also have a social community with more.
  5. Active
    This site is always at the forefront of sporting news. In this special section for recruiting, you can learn much more about who is going where and why. You can even choose which sport you would like recruiting news in from aquatics to volleyball.
  6. Rivals
    Part of Yahoo sports, they also focus on all aspects of sports. Clicking on College can get you special sections on college football and basketball recruiting. You can also get items on high school sports, as well as tons of other headlines.
  7. Sports Business Radio
    Get just what the title promises with a click here. The business side of sports is covered in both blog and podcasting form. You can even click on interviews to check out talks with many sports professionals who work behind the scenes.
  8. Draft Express
    Get all things draft in this blog, which is what many sports scouts revolve their careers around. Rankings for many sports, and even mock drafts of what they think will happen, are featured. You can also find forums, blogs, rankings, and more.

Great Blogs to Learn About Professional Sports Scouting

  1. Sports Agent Blog
    Like the fictional Jerry Maguire, these sports agents focus on many aspects of sporting, including scouting. The massive blog has the latest news and interviews with many actual agents. You can also use the site to learn more about internships.
  2. Sports Law Blog
    As with any other field, there are loads of laws and regulations surrounding the world of sports. Stop by this blog from Michael McCann and others to see “all things relating to the sports world.” Recent events in sports and the laws surrounding them are often written about.
  3. Sports Judge
    This blog is authored by Professor Marc Edelman, an “arbitrator of fantasy league disputes since 2001.” It is a standout choice for teaching and sharing the principles of dispute resolution, a must in many sports issues. He even has sample decisions for the reading.
  4. The Sports Economist
    Because as with most things, scouting is all about the bottom line. Use the expertise shared by this group of scholarly bloggers who apply economic principles to sports discussions. The latest was entitled “Playoff Roulette.”
  5. Sports Litigation Alert
    Want to keep yourself from bringing up the latest in sports scandals? Then check out this blog, which features all the latest in sports deals that went wrong. There is a new newsletter every two weeks you can view.
  6. Sports Agent Blog
    Darren Heitner is the founder of a successful sports and talent agency named Dynasty Athlete Representation and has extensive experience with transactional and litigation work. In his blog for Business Insider, he and his writers tackle the latest in sports issues. Simply scroll down to get the latest on the newest scandal in sports.
  7. Sports Marketing & PR Roundup
    Joe Favorito has over 26 years of strategic communications/marketing, new media, crisis management, and business development expertise in sports. His blog has everything about sports promotion which can be of great benefit to sports scouts. He recently took on the topic of whether or not rugby would be a hit in the U.S.
  8. An Athlete Marketing Guy
    Get sports marketing thoughts from BDA Sports Management’s chief marketing officer, Bill Sanders here. It is useful to help market athletes once they’ve been scouted. One of the latest posts was on Manny Pacquiao.

Great Sites to Learn About Specific Professional Sports Scouting

  1. NBA Draft.net
    Get all things related to basketball sports scouting here. The latest news, previews, and more are featured. They even have a mock lottery for the next two years.
  2. Draft Daddy
    The blog aptly asks and answers the question “who’s your draft daddy?” With continuous draft coverage of the NFL, they live up to their title. Be sure to check out the blog with the latest headlines.
  3. Mocking the Draft
    In the same spirit as the above, check out all the news surrounding NFL drafts here. They have the latest posts and often let fans submit their own. You can even get mock drafts for each division.
  4. Draft Tek
    This site nicely combines draft information and geek tech in one. They constantly revise their big board and even have both a top and bottom eight picks. There is even a section for each of the team’s needs.
  5. World Sports Scouting
    Because sports scouting doesn’t just happen in the United States, click here. The site focuses exclusively on Europe scouting but covers a variety of sports. For example, both American and European football stars are featured here.
  6. Football Scouting Network
    But if looking just for soccer scouting, stop here. Based in the UK, they have reports and league stats available. You can even get ratings on scouts here.
  7. Scout Vision
    Get a player focused site with a visit here. ScoutVision is a place where athletes of all ages can upload sports highlights to get discovered. A good stop for those just beginning a career in scouting.
  8. Nationwide Sports Scouts
    A visit here can get you information on scouting at colleges. They are one of the internet’s largest college recruiting service and athletic scholarship network. Get an athlete of the week, top prospect interviews, and more.
  9. One Sport Voice
    Get the female side of sports with a visit here. Dr. Nicole M. LaVoi writes this blog as part of the Women Talk Sports network. She brings critical issues in women’s sports that any sport scout would want to know.

And the above 25 great sites to learn about professional sports scouting are useful for everyone from experienced scouts to students just looking for a way to pay for their education or earn a salary as a sports scout.

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