How-To Guide for Finding Internships in Sports Administration

Wouldn’t it be great to land a sports administration internship with the PGA, the NFL, or with the U.S. Olympic Committee? You can add a prestigious internship to your graduation resume if your timing is right, if you know how to apply, and if you’re prepared. Many sports organizations from a wide range of industry segments seek interns to help with their programs. The secret is that many of those organizations look at colleges to help fill those intern slots, because many colleges require students to participate in an internship to graduate from sports administration programs. Many sports management program directors and counselors encourage their students to actively volunteer with organizations or events to identify areas of interest and create professional relationships with potential employers. The possibilities for landing a career after graduation are increased with that internship, especially when building networks within organizations that hold those internship possibilities. Learn how you can increase your chances of obtaining an internship now, so you’ll be prepared. Continue reading

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25 Great Sites to Learn About Professional Sports Scouting

If looking for a career in sports administration, the field can be pretty competitive. Although those with a degree in sports administration can stand out, one of the best ways to get and maintain a career is to stay informed. With coverage of all things sports happening at up-to-the second speed, it can be difficult to visit all of the thousands of sports sites out there.

To help you narrow your search, we have collected 25 great sites to learn about professional sports scouting below. They are authored by scouting firms, sports agents, and many other experts in the field. Best of all, they can give you the latest information, as well as insider tips, and a diverse range of perspectives. Continue reading

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Top 40 Job Sites for Sports Administration

Sports administration can be one of the most exciting jobs in the world. You can represent football players, basketball stars, hockey teams and even entertainers. While obtaining a master’s degree in sports administration is a goal to higher earnings, if you really want to get a foot in the door you might try becoming an intern at a sports agency during the summers — a step that can put you in touch with people who can help you upon graduation. Even if you just keep an eye on jobs within this field, you can better know which courses you might want to take. The following list of the top 40 sites for sports administration jobs includes sport job sites, larger job sites that contain sports administration jobs, representatives and sports agencies.

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The Top 25 Wealthiest Pro Athletes of All Time

How much money do you need? If you’re a pro athlete, you apparently need a lot. Athletes are considered entertainers, and in a world that loves to be entertained, they are paid well for doing their jobs. Some of the richest athletes of all time make tens of millions of dollars every year. Later, they can go on to sports administration, media or management jobs and protect their wealth. But how do you define “rich”? It’s a tough thing to do. Some people define it based on net worth, while others look at what someone pulls in each year. For pro athletes, that usually means their salary, plus winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. Sports Illustrated has made it fairly straightforward. Every year, the magazine puts out a list of wealthiest athletes, and in 2011, there are some really high earners on the list. These pro athletes are likely even to be wealthiest of all time, since what they’re paid keeps going up: Continue reading

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15 Eye Catching Sports Industry Infographics

One of the most interesting things about the sports industry is all of the stats and information. The feats accomplished by athletes are often interesting and amazing. On top of that, there is a great deal else that goes into the sports industry.

Whether you are a student of sports, a professional in the sports industry, or a fan, there are plenty of interesting stats and figures. And, thanks to graphic technology, it is possible to see these numbers represented in an interesting manner. Infographics about sports can provide you with a refreshing take on sports figures. Here are 15 interesting sports industry infographics: Continue reading

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21 Athletes Every Sports Fanatic Should Follow on Twitter

Keeping up with your favorite athletes used to be difficult, especially in the off season. But, not anymore. Twitter makes it easy to follow the activities of your favorite athletes, both in their sport and in their personal lives. By following your favorite athletes on Twitter, you can keep up with their record for the season and with their appearances. But, you may also be able to get to know them a little better as a person, too. Continue reading

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Top 50 Blogs Covering the Sports Industry

If you need news fast about sports marketing, communications, sponsorship and legal aspects, then these top 50 blogs that cover the sports industry might help. Each blog carries a different perspective on the sports industry, from industry insiders to individuals who have made sports teams what they are today. These blogs are the tools that any sports administrator can rely upon. Continue reading

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20 Educational Open Courseware Classes About Sports Administration

Sports administration has been around for years, but it is only in recent years that there have been educational programs to support a degree in the field. Today, however, there are several degree programs those who are interested in sports management can choose from. If you think you might be interested in a career in sports administration, check out these classes that can give you valuable skills you will lose in a sports management career. Some of these courses come from some of the foremost universities in the country like MIT and Berkeley, but all are free. Continue reading

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