Master’s Degrees in Sports Business

If you dream of become a team or athlete’s manager, negotiating deals, tracking fan enthusiasm, and maximizing sponsorships, obtaining a Master’s degree in Sports Business will help you achieve that goal.

What kinds of jobs can you get with a Master’s Degree in Sports Business?

With a Master’s Degree in Sports Business you will have the background you need to become an agent to athletes and teams, or go into marketing, or negotiating on behalf of team owners and sports organizations. In addition to major sports organizations like the NFL or the NBA, collegiate sports teams are supported by enormous organizations that employ people to market and plan events, negotiate deals and contracts, and market to their fan bases.

Sports Business Master’s Degree Details

A Master’s Degree program in Sports Business is similar to a traditional MBA program, but should include industry-specific insight into professional sports. Programs should include basic economics, accounting and finance principles, legal issues within the sports industry, sports economics, planning and development of sporting events, marketing, and collegiate sports operations. The best programs will offer instructors with real-world backgrounds in sports business and courses that are immediately applicable to the workplace.

Top Online Master of Sports & Athletic Admin Degrees

Sports administrators include athletic directors, sports managers, sports information department personnel, and much more. Earning a masters degree in sports administration from a top-notch university will open doors to several new career opportunities. Each of the following schools offers at least one master's degree program in sports administration or a closely related subject.

Northcentral University
M.Ed. in Athletic Admin

Northcentral University -- If you are interested in becoming a professional educator for athletic administrations at the kindergarten through 12th grade level, the M.Ed. in athletic administration from Nortcentral University will provide you the skills and education necessary for this field. Graduates are found through both secondary and college programs.

American University
MS in Sports Analytics & Mgmt

American University -- The online Master of Science in Sports Analytics & Management at American University prepares students for careers in professional, collegiate, and secondary sports programs. Courses teach the nutrition, psychology, and management skills in the context of athletics.

Ohio University
MS in Athletic Admin

Ohio University -- An MS in Athletic Administration from Ohio University prepare students to become athletic directors. This program will help you excel in your professional aspirations assisting in promotions and other career opportunities. You will cover various topics designed to help you meet the demands of successful athletic programs like developing Olympic or professional level athletes.

Adelphi University
MS in Sports Management

Adelphi University -- Adelphi University's MS in Sports Management degree program with concentrations in sport non-profit management, sport hospitality management, and sport leadership, prepare students to be effective leaders in the sporting community through instruction of themes such as fundraising and development, general practices and procedures, and major themes of leadership.

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