Sports agents help market athletes or associated products to promote an athlete’s career. Agents handle communications with team owners, managers, coaches, and other individuals. Largely, agents are used to broker and negotiate contracts and sponsorship deals for their clients. They can also be responsible for generating additional income sources, overseeing public relations matters, offering financial planning advice and other activities that will enhance an athlete’s career.

Masters in Sports has created a list of 100 Sports Agencies Scoring Big in 2012. Accounting for factors such as years in operation, client list, web presence and reputation, you can navigate this list to find some of the best sports management and marketing companies, not listed in order of rank.

Sports Agencies

Athletes and entertainers need an agent or sports agency to handle their schedules, plan events, and consult them on important decisions. Sports agencies offer various services that ensure their clients’ careers are being handled properly. Below are various sports agencies that offer a variety of personal, legal, and consulting services.

  1. Elias Sports Management

    Elias Sports Management is a full service sports management agency that offers all types of services such as marketing, contract negotiations, legal services, and much more.

    • Specialty: Football, Coaches, Golf
  2. EAG Sports Management

    EAG Sports Management is a full service sports agency that provides the highest quality service for athletes seeking marketing, public relations, event planning, and charity work.

    • Specialty: NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, Pro Skateboarder
  3. Paradigm Sports Management

    Paradigm Sports Management is a sports management agency that offers their clients strategic, analytic and honest advice, while maximizing each client’s earning potential for their current and post careers.

    • Specialty: Football, Baseball, MMA, Consulting, Coaching
  4. Norton Sports

    Norton Sports Management is a boutique agency which specializes in assisting each and every client with full service representation for a long and successful career in hockey.

    • Specialty: Hockey
  5. Phenom Sports Management

    Phenom Sports Management is a full service sports agency that represents both athletes and coaches in baseball, basketball, football, MMA, hockey, golf, and soccer, among other sports.

    • Specialty: Baseball, Basketball, Football, MMA, Coaches
  6. Business Arena Sports

    Business Arena Sports is a sports management company that is dedicated to managing the careers of NFL players.

    • Specialty: Football
  7. East Preps Agency LLC

    East Preps Agency LLC is a full service sports management company that provides innovative recruiting and placement concepts to intense marketing and performance training.

    • Specialty: Football
  8. Platinum Sports & Entertainment Management

    Platinum Sports & Entertainment is a full service agency that offers their clients numerous services such as draft preparation, contract negotiation, legal counsel, tax/financial planning, and much more.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  9. Steinberg Sports

    Steinberg Sports is a boutique agency that offers numerous services for any individual, organization, or entity seeking to add true value to their endeavors.

    • Specialty: Athletes and coaches in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, golf, etc.
  10. Blue Chip Management

    Blue Chip Management is a full service multi-sport agency that specializes in athlete management, sponsorships, contract negotiations, public relations, client website design, and client branding.

    • Specialty: MMA Fighters, PBR Bull Riders
  11. PlayersRep Sports Management

    PlayersRep Sports Management is a sports management company that offers a wide range of services from marketing, legal, and personal related services.

    • Specialty: Football – NFL
  12. Sosnick Cobbe Sports

    Sosnick Cobbe Sports is a sports management agency that provides individual attention to each one of their athletes while promoting a healthy environment in which each player can grow professionally, educationally, emotionally, and financially.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  13. Go Empire Group

    GoEmpire Group is a full service athlete representation firm that has expert experience in personal management and representation, which includes contract negotiation, marketing guidance, and career counseling.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  14. KO Sports Inc.

    KO Sports Inc. is a sports management agency that specializes in precedent setting contracts, innovative endorsement, licensing and marketing opportunities for hockey professionals.

    • Specialty: Hockey
  15. Veritas Venture Group, LLC

    Veritas Venture Group is a sports management agency that represents athletes while developing a comprehensive commitment based on personal and spiritual development, the maximization of athletic performance and achievement, and the establishment of financial independence through appropriation and negotiation of contracts, endorsements, and investments.

    • Specialty: Basketball – NBA
  16. Plan B Sports Management

    Plan B Sports Management is a full service sports management firm that offer their clients services in contract negotiation, combine preparation, pre-draft marketing, commercial marketing, and financial planning.

    • Specialty: NFL, NBA
  17. Insight Sports Management

    Insight Sports Management is a sports management agency that has expertise in corporate marketing, contract negotiations, and athlete management.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  18. BAC Sports Management

    BAC Sports Management is a full service sports agency that represents athletes, coaches, and sports executives.

    • Specialty: Football
  19. N.E.T

    NET is a sports management boutique that provides a select group of professional athletes and coaches with direct access to exceptional contract negotiation, marketing, and financial services.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  20. Sky Sports Agency

    Sky Sports Agency is a sports management firm that provides services in contract negotiations, pre-draft counseling, training, marketing, financial expertise, and world-class personal attention.

    • Specialty: Football
  21. Walton Sports

    Walton Sports is a full service agency that provides quality representation through expert contract negotiations, strategic player placement, and innovative marketing.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  22. Ego Sports Management

    Ego Sports Management is a sports agency that identifies and develops individual, professional, and personal objectives both short and long-term and will reference the brands, products, and companies that best match each individual client to create the ideal endorsement partnerships.

    • Specialty: Triathletes, Skiers
  23. KB Sports Management

    KB Sports Management is a sports agency that strives to strategize and deliberate on the four major components of a professional athlete’s career: training, marketing, financial management, and succession planning.

    • Specialty: Golf, Tennis, and Sports Marketing
  24. FK Sports Management LLC

    FK Sports Management is a full service sports agency with years of hands-on experience in drafting, negotiating contracts with large international corporations, practitioners in the legal, public relations, and financial services arenas.

    • Specialty: Football
  25. PSI Sports Management

    PSI Sports Management is a full service firm that offers services in draft preparation, endorsements, marketing, training, nutrition, finances, and contract negotiation.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  26. The Sports Corporation

    The Sports Corporation is a premier hockey sports agency that empower their clients to maximize their potential, achieve longevity, and ensure success throughout their careers.

    • Specialty: Hockey
  27. Sucker Punch Entertainment

    Sucker Punch Entertainment is a sports and marketing agency that specialize in the representation and management of MMA fighters.

    • Specialty: MMA Fighters
  28. Blue Giraffe Sports

    Blue Giraffe Sports is a full service management and representation agency that offer services in following areas: contract negotiations, endorsements, licensing, promotions, media and public relations, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and television/event opportunities.

    • Specialty: Golf
  29. Desperado Marketing

    Desperado Marketing is a experiential marketing agency with expertise in creating and activating integrated business solutions around sponsorship and experiential event marketing initiatives.

    • Specialty: Brands
  30. Sports Branded Media

    Sports Branded Media is a sports marketing agency that specializes in the convergence of sports, marketing and media while helping clients define, articulate, and reach their corporate goal.

    • Specialty: Brands
  31. Creative Artists Agency

    CAA Sports is a division of Creative Artists Agency and provides unique opportunities in areas including licensing, endorsements, speaking, philanthropy, video games, and the Internet.

    • Specialty: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Olympians, Coaches, Broadcasters
  32. Kauffman Sports Management

    Kauffman Sports Management Group is a full service sports management agency that focuses on the representation of professional front office personnel, coaches, and sports broadcasters.

    • Specialty: Coaches
  33. Premier Sports Online

    Premier Sports Online is a sports management works with clients to build properties, activate sponsorships, manage brands, communicate messages, and promote programs.

    • Specialty: Sports Organizations, Corporate and Broadcast
  34. Pro First Sports Management

    Pro First Sports Management is a sports management agency that provides quality and creative contract negotiations for their clients that will maximize contract dollars regardless of draft position.

    • Specialty: Football – NFL
  35. The Breakthrough Sports Agency

    The Breakthrough Sports Agency is a sports management agency that specializes in contract negotiation, training and combine preparation, financial planning, insurance, marketing and many other services.

    • Specialty: Football – NFL
  36. National Sports Management

    National Sports Management is a sports management agency that is dedicated to helping their clients maximize their earnings potential and build concrete foundations for every aspect of their career development.

    • Specialty: NFL, CFL, United Football League, MLB
  37. ASM Sports

    ASM Sports is a sports management agency that is well versed in the business of negotiating and representing players in all stages of their careers.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  38. National Sports Consulting Agency

    National Sports Consulting Agency provides certified sports officials for various leagues and tournaments in Las Vegas and other cities.

    • Specialty: Sports Assignors, Athletic Directors, Recreation League Administrators or Tournament Directors
  39. MG Sports Management

    MG Sports Management is a full service athlete representation agency that assists in guiding clients from preparation for the NBA/WNBA draft, to draft day, as well as assisting in securing the highest-level jobs in Europe and on through retirement.

    • Specialty: Basketball – NBA, WNBA
  40. Reynolds Sports Management

    Reynolds Sports Management is a sports management that provides services in contract negotiation, financial management, marketing and endorsement development, career planning, and much more.

    • Specialty: Baseball – Major and Minor League
  41. Willis & Woy Sports Group, LLC

    Willis & Woy Sports Group is a full service sports management agency who have over two decades of NFL contract negotiation experience.

    • Specialty: NFL
  42. Motion Sports Management

    Motion Sports Management is a sports management firm that specialize in pre-planning and event development, logistics, and management.

    • Specialty: Running, swimming, biking, and triathlon
  43. Rosenhaus Sports Representation

    One of the most well-known names in the industry, Drew Rosenhaus provides contract negotiation, marketing and endorsements, media relations, draft preparation, career management, and post-career counseling.

    • Specialty: Career management
  44. Octagon

    Octagon is a sports and entertainment agency that offer marketing expertise designed to bring sponsored content to life and engage consumers via their passion for sports and entertainment.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  45. Pro Star Sports Agency

    Pro Star Sports Agency is a sports management agency that specialize in contract negotiations, marketing, endorsements, and public relations.

    • Specialty: Football
  46. Q2 Sports and Entertainment

    Q2 Sports and Entertainment is a management and marketing agency who partner with athletes, entertainers, and models as their integrated resource for career growth by serving as their agent.

    • Specialty: Football – NFL
  47. Sports Management Worldwide Sports Agency

    Sports Management Worldwide is an international full service sports agency that develops personal relationships with their clients in addition to providing excellent client representation.

    • Specialty: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey
  48. Team Sports West Management Agency

    Team Sports West is a sports management agency that offers a complete portfolio of personal, financial, and professional services.

    • Specialty: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey
  49. The Official Site of Agent JR Ricket

    Agent JR Ricket represents over 100 professional athletes, entertainers, personalities, and performers and has negotiated over $250 Million in Professional Contracts.

    • Specialty: NFL, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing
  50. Cindrich Company

    Cindrich Company is a full service sports agency that offers services in draft preparation, football career planning, endorsements, career counseling, media, legal, and financial guidance.

    • Specialty: Football
  51. Hendricks Sports Management

    Hendricks Sports Management is a boutique sports agency that specialize in managing the careers of baseball professionals.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  52. Progressive Sports Management

    Progressive Sports Management is a sports management and marketing agency that provides a unique perspective and experience unmatched in the sports management/marketing industry.

    • Specialty: Olympic Champions, NFL football players
  53. Professional Sports Planning

    Professional Sports Planning is a sports management agency that monitors their clients’ draft ratings and evaluations and strategize with them for college bowl and all-star game selections.

    • Specialty: Football – NFL

Sports Marketing

Athletes are like a brand, and they need someone to help build their brand. Sports marketing firms do just that; they help athletes get their names out into the public, obtain more sponsorships, and get more work. Below are sports marketing firms that are dedicated to making an athlete or entertainer’s career successful and long lasting.

  1. IMG Worldwide

    IMG Worldwide is a global sports, fashion, and media marketing business that connects brands and audiences through sponsorships, licensing, media, consulting, venues, training, and talent management.

    • Specialty: Sports, Fashion, and Media
  2. The Seven Bridges Group

    The Seven Bridges Group is a full service marketing representation firm that offers services consisting of contract advisors and management for professional athletes, entertainers, producers, and authors.

    • Specialty: Professional athletes, entertainers, producers, authors
  3. Schulte Sports

    Schulte Sports is a full service sports agency that specializes in marketing and public relations.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  4. NM Marketing Communications

    NM Marketing Communications is a full service marketing agency that effectively negotiate, manage, and activate corporate sports sponsorship proposals and relationships that meet their clients’ specific needs.

    • Specialty: Marketing
  5. P1 Groupe

    P1 Groupe is a motorsports management company that represent drivers and their teams while offering various services in marketing, management, branding, and design.

    • Specialty: Motorsports
  6. Active8Social

    Active8Social is a marketing agency that specialize in developing a social strategy that is integrated with their clients’ short term and long term marketing plans.

    • Specialty: Sports Teams, Musicians
  7. ProVentures

    ProVentures is a sports and entertainment marketing company that develop strategies for companies looking to build their brands by utilizes extensive contacts, experience, and insider knowledge to help clients build brand equity.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  8. The Agency Sports Management and Marketing

    The Agency Sports is a management and marketing firm that has expertise in talent marketing, broadcasting, coaching, talent procurement, and corporate consulting.

    • Specialty: Team Sports, Olympians, Broadcasters, Coaches
  9. Soul Sports

    Soul Sports is an international sports agency that represent and manage extreme sports professionals around the globe.

    • Specialty: Extreme Sports
  10. Atlas Strategies

    Atlas Strategies is a sports and entertainment marketing agency that provides custom, industry-leading representation and consulting services to select organizations, professional athletes, and entertainers.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  11. Roy Sports Marketing Group

    Roy Sports Marketing Group is a full service sports marketing firm that provide services such as athlete brand counseling, corporate counseling, creating endorsement deals, and partnerships to ensure client success.

    • Specialty: NFL, NFL Athletes, Professional Athletes, MMA products, Football products, Film and Music
  12. RPRT

    RPRT is a sports and entertainment marketing firm that specialize in athlete management, representation, brand development and consulting, public relations, and events.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  13. Dender Sports

    Dender Sports is a sports management and marketing agency that represent triathletes and offer them full service marketing and management strategies and solutions.

    • Specialty: Triathletes
  14. The Gazelle Group

    The Gazelle Group is a sports an entertainment marketing company that creates, represents, and consults across sports and entertainment events.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  15. Lunar Sports Group

    Lunar Sports Group is a full service sports marketing firm that specialize in appearances, endorsements, events, speakers and corporate hospitablity.

    • Specialty: Athletes
  16. Bruce Levy Associates International, LTD.

    Bruce Levy Associates International is a sports marketing firm that has experience and expertise in areas of contract negotiation, team placement, marketing, media training, event planning, community service, endorsements, and overall career guidance.

    • Specialty: Professional female basketball players
  17. Madison Avenue Sports and Entertainment

    Madison Avenue Sports and Entertainment is a marketing agency that specialize in talent representation, marketing, and media.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  18. Lagardere Unlimited

    Lagardere Unlimited is an international sports and entertainment marketing agency that have expertise in consulting, marketing, representation, events, and media.

    • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  19. Jet Sports Management

    Jet Sports Management is a full service sports marketing and management firm that provides professional athletes with quality management, legal and financial counsel, along with traditional agent services.

    • Specialty: Baseball
  20. Allegiant Athletic Agency

    With over 25 years of experience and a half-billion dollars in negotiated contracts, a3 is an established and trusted sports management firm.

    • Specialty: Football, basketball
  21. PTA Sports Management

    With a focus on long-term relationships, family, and commitment, PTA Sports Management represents football and basketball athletes and offers a variety of marketing services.

    • Specialty: Football, basketball
  22. Capital Sports and Entertainment

    CSE offers a variety of services including event creation and marketing, branding and personality design, non-profit development, and other personalized services. Lance Armstrong is a notable client.

    • Specialty: Branding and Marketing
  23. MS World LLC

    MS World dabbles in sports, marketing and entertainment, representing clients from coaches to entertainment moguls as well as basketball and football athletes.

    • Specialty: Marketing and Management
  24. >

    Professional Advisory Services

  25. Specialty: National Football League representation
  26. The Mark Andrew Group

    The Mark Andrew Group has two focuses: providing personal brand strategy guidance and public relations counsel and marketing professional sports organizations, athletes, and corporations.

    • Specialty: Branding, Public Relations, Marketing
  27. Metis Sports Management

    Metis Sports Management, LLC (MSM) is a full service sports agency specializing in baseball and football representation.

    • Specialty: Baseball and football representation
  28. Reich PM Sports Marketing Firm

    ReichPM is a full service sports marketing and management firm representing athletes, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

    • Specialty: Marketing and branding
  29. Tom Matte Sports Marketing

    Since 1966, Tom Matte Sports Marketing Inc. and its subsidiary Tom Matte Sports Speakers, is a speakers’ bureau and sports marketing company that specializes in connecting professional, notable athletes with marketing campaigns, charities, corporate sponsorship opportunities, and events of all sizes.

    • Specialty: Marketing
  30. LA Sports Marketing

    Since 1994, LA Sports Marketing has been the premier sports marketing company on the West Coast. Their clients span from golf to hospitality.

    • Specialty: Grass-roots marketing
  31. Pro Sports MVP

    Pro Sports MVP provides marketing services employing hundreds of sports and entertainment personalities and creates sports and entertainment themed programs, promotions, and special events.

    • Specialty: Marketing
  32. Active Imagination Sports Marketing

    As a sports marketing agency with over 15 years of experience, Active Imagination helps clients across the United States manage and capitalize on their sports sponsorships.

    • Specialty: Strategic sponsorship activation consulting
  33. Nelligan Sports

    Nelligan Sports Marketing provides sales and marketing expertise for sports organizations worldwide.

    • Specialty: Collegiate and strategic marketing partnerships
  34. Lanier Sports Marketing

    For over 22 years, Lanier Sports Marketing of Cary, North Carolina has staged over 50 golf events, boxing events, motorcycle stunt shows, martial arts showcases, and horse racing events.

    • Specialty: Sports marketing and events
  35. Integrity Sports

    Integrity Sports Marketing, Media and Management has worked in the field for over 17 years with a focus on management and marketing of soccer athletes and organizations.

    • Specialty: Soccer
  36. K Sports Marketing

    Operating out of Kazakhstan, K Sports Marketing handles administration, operations, consulting, and media support for a variety of disciplines. Notably, they partner with FIFA.

    • Specialty: Sports Management
  37. VIP Sports Marketing

    VIP Sports Marketing is the industry leader in corporate entertainment, sports hospitality, and event marketing.

    • Specialty: Premium tickets, corporate hospitality
  38. Reach Sports Group

    The Reach Network is a sports-based media company with a digital signage network in over 350 top recreation and fitness centers across the United States.

    • Specialty: Digital advertising
  39. Q Sports

    Q Sports is a marketing, management and consulting agency with specific expertise in the Olympic movement. Q Sports is a subsidiary of Chicago Sports & Entertainment Partners, Inc.

    • Specialty: Olympian athlete marketing
  40. Trans-Atlantic Sports Marketing

    TASM is an integrated sports marketing, basketball sports agency and event management company.

    • Specialty: Basketball
  41. New Century Marketing Concepts

    New Century Marketing Concepts specializes in the creation of high-quality business documents including business plans, sponsorship proposals, business proposals, Internet content, ghost writing, resumes and brochures for athletes and professionals.

    • Specialty: Sponsorship proposals
  42. Stellick Marketing Communications Inc.

    Toronto based Stellick Marketing Communications, does not represent athletes, events, or sports properties. Therefore their counsel – whether it concerns investing in a new property or creating a program to help leverage an existing sponsorship – is free from conflicts of interest.

    • Specialty: Media, sponsorships
  43. LRMR Marketing

    Based out of Cleveland, OH, LRMR focuses on representation of elite sports and entertainment personalities as well as brand development and execution.

    • Specialty: Branding, representation
  44. Elliott Marketing Group

    With experience in all forms of motorsport marketing, including NASCAR Sprint Cup, Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series marketing, Drag Racing & Sponsorship Activation, Elliot Marketing is a go-to agency for motorsport.

    • Specialty: Motorsport sponsorship activation
  45. Integrity Sports Marketing

    Integrity Sports Marketing is a full service sports marketing company that caters to the motorsports industry, with a specialty in public relations and sponsorship activation.

    • Specialty: Motorsport sponsorship activation
  46. Floyd Sports Marketing

    Floyd Sports Marketing is an elite agency specializing in aligning celebrity athletes with companies who seek endorsement and sponsorship opportunities.

    • Specialty: Athlete endorsement and sponsorship
  47. Wasserman

    Wasserman is a sports marketing and entertainment company with global expertise in media, business development, athlete management, golf, soccer, action sports, and Olympics.

    • Specialty: Sports marketing
  48. Imani Sports

    Imani Sports offers a full spectrum of services by aggressively pursuing marketing opportunities for clients, such as product endorsements, trading cards, outings, exhibitions, clinics, personal appearances, charity events, and speaking engagements.

    • Specialty: Athlete management and marketing